rain hats
rain hats fit in jacket

Rain hats have a wide stiff brim that shield the head, neck and shoulders, keeping rain out of your eyes for good visibility and keeping your hands free to change your tire or carry groceries to your car; no umbrella to manage at the same time. The rain hat's small size makes it effortless to put in your pocket or leave one in the glove compartment of your car. When you're caught in those sudden unpredictable rains, simply shake the hat open (POP!), for instant wide brim shelter.

Unlike an umbrella which is often unwieldy (ever try to maneuver in our out of your car and manage a long, pointy, spiky ended umbrella at the same time?), the rain hat is friendly and round (no dangerous points), even a kid could get the hang of it. Rain hats are unisex, one size fits most. About hat sizes.

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