We all know that over-exposure to sun light can be harmful to our skin. Occasionally though, despite our usual diligent policy of sun avoidance, we are mislead by an initial cloudy outlook, or perhaps we embark on a spontaneous change of plans only to find ourselves rather ill prepared against the scorching sun on our face and neck... In such times of uncertainty, our Pop-out Sun Hat is the perfect accessory. It's light weight and doesn't get in your way. If you find that your relaxed morning hike somehow ended up being a noontime marathon, simply take out the pocket-sized twist hat, give it a little shake and POP, you have a huge Sun Hat to keep you cool and comfortable. If it works out the other way, no sun in sight, that's fine too because you don't have the hassle of carrying a giant sombrero all day. Simply fold up the hat and tuck it back in your pocket or purse. Hats are one size fits most, see hat for details. About hat sizes. Folding Instructions.

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